Canvas or Framed Print?

These days, you can easily see canvas prints in many places. It could be a decor on a home’s wall or even office workplace. But what is the difference?
It is a question that I often get asked!
Here’s everything you need to know about this kind of art print.


What Is A Canvas Print?

A canvas print, not to be confused with a canvas painting, is an image printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas and then stretched for a tight fit over the canvas. Once the picture is printed, it is stretched across the frame and over its edges. So they arrive stretched, ready to hang. 

What Is A Canvas Made Of?

Canvas is a strong and durable fabric that used to be created with hemp. In more modern times however, cotton and polyester have replaced hemp. 

Because canvas prints are meant to last for a long time, they are made from durable materials, we use the cotton/poly blend for longevity and the ability to stretch the fabric over the bars.  We also spray the canvas with a  museum grade lacquer which provides a lustre finish, protects against moisture, abrasion and UV damage).


Canvas Prints Vs Framed Prints

Besides the question of what a canvas print is, it is also easy to confuse between framed prints and canvas prints. However, there is a notable difference between the two. 

Firstly, a fine art print is printed on fine art, museum quality paper - or card stock.  Fine Art Paper offers a professional, conservation-quality natural white art print with a lightly textured matte finish. The print appears as a clear, and crisp image with vivid colours. However, a print can be easily damaged which is why they must be framed with a glass or acrylic cover.

Framed prints tie into the general decor of a room by connecting the colour scheme with the frame. They also shift the mood of the photo or artwork with the type of frame chosen.

For instance, a normal black border frame gives more prominence to the photo or artwork by bringing it front and centre. In contrast, stylised frames – both traditional and contemporary – allow certain areas of the photo to become more prominent than others.  When choosing frames, the furniture and room decor are important to maintain cohesion.

In comparison, canvas prints provide a more versatile approach when decorating a wall. You can add them with much less thought since the frameless borders adapt to any style. The vibrant pops of colour create new focal points that liven up the room you’re decorating.

A Comparison

Canvas Prints Framed Prints
  • Image printed is permanent
  • Canvas provides a different texture that adds colour depth
  • Photos do not have a glare or reflection
  • Light in weight
  • Prints come in a matte muted finish
  • Do not have any glass protection.
  • Can swap out many photos in a frame
  • Frames complement room decor
  • Photos can have a glare or reflection
  • Larger frames are heavy and can be difficult to transport
  • The glass or acrylic will protect the print from damage.