Why I Love Being a Photographer

There are countless reasons why we find ourselves drawn to the world of photography. Each person's motivations are unique, just like the paths we choose to follow in life. Here are a few of my own reasons. Have you ever wondered why photography holds such a special place in our hearts? 
A lot of my achievements as an artist haven't been from mastering a new technique, but from exploring my artistic style and uncovering more about myself along the way.
Just like many photographers, I first started taking pictures of everyday things around me - my dog, my cat and friends on my point and shoot camera. Eventually, as a school teacher, my school principal put me through a photography course so I could   teach it in class. I quickly developed a passion for it and even became a bit obsessed. In my free time, I began doing family photo shoots. I would also put myself into more courses to do in my spare time.
I would never forgot a course I took and the lady who was running it said very clearly, "Don't expect to make a career out of it."
I just agreed and laughed, because I was a school teacher after all!
After moving to a sheep and beef farm, I started capturing the beauty of my new surroundings, including all the amazing animals and I loved it so much!
One of my large scale prints on canvas "The White Highland cow" with my proud family. My children were so little.
Getting my children to help wasn't always easy. 
I fell in love with sharing my images on facebook for my friends to see and even created my own facebook page showcasing my photography. My friends and family loved what I were doing and asked for requests after seeing my imaged printed in large scale and framed. 
I decided to make my Facebook page public and it gained popularity in no time. To sell my images, I created a simple website that attracted a lot of attention. It was unbelievable how fast everything was progressing. Suddenly, I found myself running a full-time business and resigned from teaching. This actually suited me as I had two toddlers to look after so I could spend more time at home with them. 
It wasn't easy at first! I started off rolling prints late at night with my husband, we waiting to the kids were asleep so they couldn't get their little fingers on them. There were a few arguments about our rolling techniques, but our marriage survived!
It was tiring but so exciting. 
The attention for my prints fed my enthusiasm to take more photographs - and so I did! I loved getting out onto the farm in the fresh air and taking photographs. I loved getting up close to bulls! Actually it was scary at times to be honest.
I am not a farmer and grew up in Brisbane, so I felt like this was my way to fitting in on farm life. I have no farming skills or knowledge, but this I could do. 
I loved the editing process, to go through what I had manage to capture and create pieces of art, it was all so exciting. 
The Muddy Bull - One of my most popular prints. 
I have enjoyed expanding my business into many other themes; botanicals, seascapes, landscapes and more and even using my prints to create my own By The Horns products. I was excited to win the New Zealand Rural Women's Emerging Business Award and Penguin Books publishing my "A Load of Bull Book!" I mean I have to pinch myself sometimes! You may have also seen me on 7 Sharp NZ!
Receiving my award. 
"A Load Of bull" Coffee Table Book
Wearing the "Winter Rose" print  Linen Apron

"The Muse" Leather Laptop bag has my Gloria print inside as a lining. In Sunshine Yellow. 
Being an artist means you're always evolving. You're constantly honing your skills and discovering new things about yourself. 
What is in the future for By The Horns?
My concerns are; will AI Ruin it all for photographers? Will Temu make it impossible for people to buy locally and kill small businesses? The recession...! 
But I love photography so much I am determined to keep my business growing and evolving. I have so many wonderful and exciting projects and products launching soon, I can't wait for you to see them. 
Amanda x