The Most Popular Print That Almost Never Happened.

Living on a sheep and beef farm, I am not too short of photo opportunities. 

I had in my mind the exact shot that I wanted to capture of one of our bulls and I was very eager.

I was all prepared, had all my equipment charged up and ready to go. I set out for a small hike about our farm to find my particular subject, the Angus Bull.  I knew where he was was located, I had it all sussed.  

After raining all week, it was finally a beautiful clear day to head out with my camera, so I was excited with what I was going to create. I love the sun shining on the Angus Bulls as it truly shows up their black shiny coats in my photographs. 

However, when I got there, the bull had different ideas. He clearly didn't get the memo but he was having a ball nevertheless. What I was hoping for was a beautiful clean, shiny bull ready to do some great modelling poses for me. What I got was a bull who was rolling around in a mud bath. I was gutted. I was really excited about my photograph that I had all planned in my head, and what I got was completely different. I didn't want a muddy bull.

I figured, I had got all this way out into the paddock with all my equipment, I may as well take some shots anyway, it wasn't going to hurt. 

I waited for the bull to stand up after rolling around in the puddle and started taking some shots albeit disappointingly, however was just happy to be outside photographing anyway. 

After taking my pictures, I went back to my computer, uploaded my shots and found my shot I was particularly happy with and edited away. I thought well at least I can share this as a funny moment.

I put this photograph on my social media just as a joke to share my experiences of the day, yet I was so surprised at the reaction and response I got. I  had people asking if this was going to be online to purchase. I have to admit, I was quite surprised!

I ended up putting the print online titled appropriately, 'The Muddy Bull,' and he has now become my biggest selling print of all time. 

I really learnt a lesson that day, always head out to take shots with an open mind, you never know what may present itself and also what people may like!