Quick tips for hanging your By The Horns print

Buy What You Love

The key to displaying art is buying what you love and surround yourself with it. So you have purchased your favourite By The Horns print, or prints now it is time to decide how and where to hang it! 

Hang at the Right Height

Prints or portraits should be hung at approximately the eye level of a person standing between 1.6m - 1.9m tall. The goal is to be able to enjoy the artwork at a natural level as seen in this print "The Maker," not to have to be looking up at it.

Create a Grouping

If you have bought more than one print, or you even want to mix it up with some family photos, consider creating a grouping.
When creating a display on a large wall, hang artwork close together rather than scattered across the space. Even if hanging pictures over a couch or buffet, don't feel they have to be spaced out over the entire furniture piece. Try to have the pieces equidistant from each other, but centred over the middle third or half of the focal point. Don't feel all the prints have to be the same orientation or size. 

Build a Gallery Over Time

Building a gallery wall doesn't have to be a nightmare. If building a collage over time, choose an area to hang one of  your pictures and you can gradually fill the wall space around this picture over time! If you have heaps of time,  you can also play with pieces by taping paper templates up on the wall or spreading the art on the floor and shuffling them around until you get the look you want.

Add a Mat

In general, matting adds elegance and a finished professional touch to artwork. Mats highlight the colours and subject matter in the piece. By The Horns offers mat boards for an additional cost when purchasing framing. 

Delicious Pairing

Choose a subject matter that compliment each other and that is perfect for the chosen area you want to display it. In this case, the quirky "I see you pair."
The frames also pick up the natural tones that are used throughout the room.

Simply Beautiful

Sometimes one really is better than two when it comes to art. It's tempting to hang twin photos or paintings behind a bed, like one per pillow. But one larger piece can really make a statement and suit the space so well — in these cases the large  print "Caesar" and Morag #2.

A Masterpiece

A tip for getting the most out of picture framing would be to make sure that the frame coordinates (doesn't have to be matchy matchy) with both the art and the decor of the space. The frame essentially becomes a piece of the art and should help the piece truly shine and stand out.