How To Decorate Based On Your Star Sign

Each star sign has a unique personality, and at the time of feeling good in a specific place, its essence also influences. Tailor your room to your star sign personality and you'll always feel at home. So, if you want to know how to decorate your room according to your sign, here are some keys to make that intimate corner even more personal.



Primary colours call to you, as does opulence in general. After all, you're a Queen, Aries, so your house should look like a palace. If your friend calls something 'too much' in Ikea, buy it. Buy it all. Because for you there is no such thing. Those born under the sun sign of Aries are original and pride themselves on setting trends. A bold, colorful and unique space will stimulate your mind! You hate being ignored, so you can definitely get away with mixing patterns and trends and you shouldn’t be shy with prints and colours. As a fire element, red and orange hues are great for your space.  Shots of crimson and hot pink around the house, especially in the office, keep you motivated. You’re sensitive to light and hue, and you get depressed easily. Avoid muddy or muted colors and bolster your spirits with bright tones. Deep Bordeaux is as dark as you should go, and it can set the dramatic mood you love. Use red as an accent in every room, especially in kitchen and dining areas, as it’s said to stimulate the appetite.




Taurus, you're known for the hours you can spend in bed and are obsessed with being comfortable wherever you go. Surround yourself with soothing colours, such as pale blue, grey and mauve and scent your room with your sign's fragrance - apple - where you can.  You have a natural talent for decorating. You’re deeply sensitive to your home environment and need to live in a comfortable, gorgeous space. Every detail counts for you, and you’ll invest in the best of everything.Taurus is an earthy element, very patient, organized and careful. Taurus is the sign of the bull, so you can be stubborn and you do not like to compromise your space. You can be relaxed or ready to charge at any moment so you need a space that reflects that calm vibe while being organized and simple. You love photography, mountains and good music. You are the sign of the builder and can make anything happen if you put your mind to it. As the most determined sign, you need a space that allows you to get the task done. Earthy tones are best for you with tons of white space and organization. You like your space to be a place to recharge, so minimalist design suits you best. 



Gemini, you crave variety, and as a result, your home either looks wildly creative or like a total mess! Your style is varied—playful meets traditional, an eclectic mix of old–fashioned and modern, even a crazy mix of clashing styles that you manage to pull off. Creativity, colour and fun should all be part of your home. You can rock out unusual colour combinations like orange and lavender, or hot pink and chartreuse. Of course, today’s favourite paint colour can become tomorrow’s most hated hue, but that won’t stop you from slapping a coat or two on the wall when inspiration strikes.



The loving  water sign is all about compassion, creativity and romance. You are the most nurturing and warm of the signs and you love to host parties for your friends. You love comforts and cozy spaces that feel super inviting.

The sea and the moon fascinate, compel and influence you hugely, as well as being potent symbols for your star sign. Look to creating pale, white, silvery spaces (accented with splashes of sea green)

Think about shells and nautical accessories like telescopes or ocean maps, and seascape art. Bring these aspects into your living space and your mood will always be calm and reflective at home.




You love a glitzy and glamorous space.You're a sucker for gold brocade and fancy dressing tables, a lover of the big mirror and the luxe accessories. The fancier and flashier the better. Your personality is so outgoing and proud that you need an environment that shouts self confidence, and delivers on the glamour you seek in life.

However, you're not known for tidiness, so keep it simple if you can help it. Signature pieces, statement furniture- less is kinda more if you pick pieces that are bold enough.

You’ll display photos dating back generations all over your house. Beware of clutter, though, and try a moderate mix of memorabilia with art.

 You love a fancy cocktail and entertaining in your dramatic and whimsical backyard space where you can dance the night away under the stars.




As the perfectionist sign, your home décor is an eternal work in progress. Never satisfied, you’ll tweak, rearrange and clean the house  forever. You love to be organised and keep a clean space, so perfectionism can sometimes be an issue for you. You are dedicated and hardworking and love to work on your laptop. You love to create things and to be surrounded by things of the earth. Fill your space with plants! You love nature and how nature can be used to heal so make sure you have a lot of green energy in your space with plants like aloe vera.  Create an oasis in your home with tons of candles, aromatherapy and comfy cushions for all of your self care needs.

Natural light and space are important, so that you've got room to perch and read a book, sit and write, relax and nap etc. A place for everything, and everything in its place. You cannot stand mess.

Cream, grey, buttercup and fawn colours create a relaxing mood, which is essential to help you counter your tendency for over thinking and worrying.


Let’s face it, you have expensive taste and you like to live in style. Ruled by beauty-planet Venus, you love an elegant home filled with pretty things. What is important for Libran lounges is that there's space to entertain, because this is one of your fave things. You can procrastinate and dither about what you want to do, too, so having lots of options in any one area can help you out. Think: smart space. Multi-tasking, hardworking layouts using tasteful, modern decor in neutral, relaxing tones.

Rose, almond and cypress fragrances help you breathe easily. Harmony and balance are important to you, so you'll spend a long time getting the feng shui JUST right.



You're not scared of bold colours, or even dark colours, in your decor. In fact, splashes of pinks, purple, black and red only serve to spice things up, which is how you like it.  Scorpios are master creators and love a space that puts them in that high-vibe zone. You are highly passionate, seductive and sexy. You can come across as a a little intense, but you can utilize those skills to create whatever you desire. Your space should feel charged and magnetic—filled with crystals and sage.  You have a mystical quality about you and can really amplify that in your space with some great lighting and incense. Your bathroom is your sanctuary; light some candles and add some crystal charged bath salts to your tub and have a magical bath ritual evening. As a water sign, many Scorpios tend to live near water, which helps soothe your intense moods.



Sagittarius is the world traveler and big dreamer of the signs. The most adventurous and intellectual among the elements of fire needs to feel (even in his own house) as if he were in a place far from the world to get his most passionate side out. Natural materials are a great bet: wood, raffia, bamboo, cotton, linen... with simple designs. The green colour of a plant, even if it's part of a print or wallpaper for some of the walls, will help those born under this sign to feel more in their beloved nature. In the same way that the details in turquoise color will evoke the marine waters that make you dream awake.


The master planner of the zodiac, you love setting goals and achieving them. No task is too out of reach for you Capricorn, once you set your mind to something you can achieve it. You are an earthy and grounded sign, you love to be with family, are hard working and loyal. You love a minimalist space where you can easily get tasks done. Very bright, clean and organized is definitely your vibe. You will most likely have a well-structured office in your home, a mood board on your wall and plenty of notebooks for all your to-do lists. Once you accomplish a goal, you don’t mind celebrating and you love your down time. For decor, stick to traditional designs, tons of white space and natural light.



Aquarius rules all things modern and futuristic, and your home should reflect that. There is nothing you won’t explore and this leaves your space as an open canvas to your styling. Bypass the antiques and overstuffed sofas, and furnish with strong, graphic pieces like a contemporary leather sofa. Skip the rugs and opt for bare polished concrete or hardwood floors and modern materials like glass and steel. It may be less cozy, but you like it that way. You’ll have plenty of friends dropping by, so create a space that accommodates high traffic and cleans up easily. With your soft spot for animals, you probably have a few pets around, too.



And to end, if you are Pisces and you ask yourself how to decorate your room according to your sign, don't doubt that the best present for your sensitive soul is to create a kind of refugee in your room, which is the heart of your home.The ultra dreamy and artsy zodiac sign, you are very compassionate and loving, intuitive and wise. Your best design colors for you are lilac, sea green and bright yellow. You are a water sign which makes you emotional and fluid in your decisions.  You love people but also need your alone time. Pisceans should always use their powerful intuition and imagination to imagine the perfect space, and then pursue making that a reality. You love artwork in your space,  and you might even have pieces of your own artwork on display.  The ideal Pisces home would be decorated with artwork, throw blankets and pillows in soft pastels and warm hues. Home to you is a peaceful place to daydream. Yours should be filled with beautiful music, or else with the deep, resonant “sound of silence.”