How A Piece Of Art Can Change Your Home Decor

Artwork is beautiful, you don't have to be an art expert to realise that.  You can simply hang a piece on the wall and it will look lovely. But when you incorporate that piece into the look and feel of a room, the end result can be breathtaking. When artwork and design seamlessly collide you can transform not only the room, but the decor of the whole house.

What a difference art can make when it is creatively incorporated into a room.

How Artwork Can Transform Your Decor

Make A Statement

Choosing a statement piece of art will give the room a focal point. But you can take your decor to the next level by seamlessly integrating the other aspects of your room into the ‘look’. Pick out colours from the artwork for your soft furnishings, and follow the lines of the artwork too. For example, a beach print could be surrounded by natural furniture elements like wood.

Create An Ambience

You know when you walk into a home and you get an overwhelming sense of the people that live within its walls? That’s ambience. When the decor of a home conjures an emotional response and produces a certain feeling. A bold piece of art can inject energy into a room, whereas a pastel palette encourages tranquility and familiarity.  You can choose your artwork based on the feel you want for your home.

Make A Contrast

The days of sticking to muted, neutral tones on your walls are long gone. Walls can be stark white, deep navy, pastel perfect, or bright and intense colours. You can truly make an impact in your home by picking a piece of art that contrasts with the wall colour. Your choice of artwork can lighten dark hues, or intensify a feeling of intrigue by darkening them further. Amplify the brightness, or mute it down, the possibilities are endless.

Show Your Personality

I love that it has become popular to make your house a home. It is not just a place to sleep after work any more. Your home can be a representation of who you are and the things you love. An art print is a simple and effective way to highlight those things. Animals, florals, landscapes, and beach settings can all depict aspects of your personality and transform the space to be your own.

Add Impact

You might be aware that mirrors can open up a room and give the illusion of light. But have you thought about using a mirror to showcase your artwork also? By strategically placing a mirror, you can increase the impact of your artwork by reflecting it from different angles. This adds both interest and drama, so it can be great for traditionally boring areas like an entranceway.

The Finishing Touch

You can change the whole look of a print, painting, or picture depending on the style of frame you choose. A simple white frame allows the piece to shine on its own, but a bolder colour can accentuate it in a whole new way. You can choose the frame to be in keeping with the style of the room, or as a contrast to make a true statement.

I really love artwork. That is because there is no right or wrong way to use it in your home. Choosing the right piece, the best placement, and whether it will complement or contrast with the other aspects of the room is a bit of an adventure. The choices you make can change the whole look and feel of your home. Artwork is more than just a pretty picture on a wall, it is an expression of your taste and personality.

I photograph the things that I love and the things that I find striking. I live in such a beautiful part of the world that I want to share that beauty with you. I’d love it if one of my pieces was the one to transform the decor at your place. Take a look at them now and see if anything jumps out at you!