Donkeys live for how long? The story behind Nero

Donkeys live for how long? The story behind Nero

Amanda King
2 minute read


This is Nero the rescue donkey. At the time when his photo was taken, two years ago now, he was 29 years old! I was in love the moment I met him.

He was so friendly and fought for my attention. He definitely wanted his photo taken, which was no wonder as he was a beautiful old creature. I had never been this close to a donkey before, so I was in awe. He followed me around the paddock and it was actually quite difficult to get his photo because he kept getting too close to me! 

I love his face, it shows so much character and soul. I am pretty sure he was smiling at me.

I learnt so much about donkeys after meeting his owner Jaccy. 

Did you know…

That with good care a donkey can live for more than 40 years old.

Their large ears help to keep their body cool in hot and arid desert conditions.

  • A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size.

And donkeys hate the rain, their coat is not waterproof and staying out in the rain for a long period actually damages their health. 

A blind donkey will often bond with a seeing donkey who will act as their guide.

Who would have thought the humble donkey could be full of so much life and character. These are the stories that make me love what I do...


Whenever I look back at the image of Nero, I wonder what has happened to him. I wonder if he is still alive? But just looking at his photograph always makes me smile. 

Amanda xx

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